The Virtuous Cycle of Rugby 5

USA Rugby is experiencing a ‘Crisis of Confidence’. Questions are being asked regarding the confidence in the leadership of the organization at the Board level, and in the organization structure, specifically as it relates to RIM and the financial arrangement between USAR and RIM. Tomorrow, the Congress has a choice:

  • Continue the current state of play (failed financial performance, misses on numerous tasks required by Congress
    • The choice for status quo is to ratify Chad Keck and Barbara O’Brien
  • A New Option: a Union w/ experienced Rugby leadership, C-Level Executive experience, passion, time, understanding, and integrity
    • The choice for change is to not ratify one or both of these candidates.

A vote for change would send a message to the Board, it’s nominating committee, and the USAR membership that ‘enough is enough’.

On the other vote required of Congress on the day; recommend approval of any ‘reasonable dues increase’. It is important for our Union to remain solvent, and at the same time encourage better member services provided for the membership. With the advent of a Strategic Plan, we would examine specifically what ‘member services’ the Union does provide, make sure they are in alignment with the mission of the organization and seek to cut what we don’t need, and simply be ‘world class’ on the services we commit to.

The Virtuous Cycle of Rugby

Everything effects everything.  It is a cycle… we need more players, and we need national team success to give our young players a dream to aspire to.  And, everything in between.

Congress must make a choice.  On, July 29 let’s make some important changes. Thank-you everyone for your engagement on both sides of this discussion..

Some things we should do very soon as a Union..

  • Commit to parity between M/W rugby in all NGB programs
  • Commit to gain Women’s rugby National Championship status at the NCAA
    • increase the number of Varsity programs under NIRA by 22 teams.
  • Commit to have 5 states with Varsity HS Rugby status within 3 years. Add 3/yr after.
  • Commit to raising necessary funds to help operate the Union’s HP and Youth Development Initiatives by creating targeted philanthropy groups (i.e., Women’s Golden Eagles)

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  1. Two of the Board members (one was an an alternate?) appeared on rugby wrap up and they just appeared to me to be in a turtle defense, sort of a bunker mentality. it is a must watch for you .
    I am attending a WNT RWC send off fundraiser tomorrow in a MD suburb of DC. $125-175 min donation. We can’t even afford to send our national team to the World Cup? And now the Board has voted to raise CIPP this year?
    Why does Union perennially struggle with finances? Does every other country finance their unions through the players?
    Bill G

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