Hey USA Rugby, “The ‘sleeping giant’ has awakened. His name is Tony Ridnell” Reply

As you can imagine, I have received a heck of a lot of comments on my blog, facebook, private messages etc..  It’s amazing, unless all the people who have ANYTHING positive to say about the state of rugby in America are too shy to reach out – then I can unequivocally say we have some serious work to do. Now that is settled, I want to do something about it.
Let’s get something straight.  We are all not going to agree on things.  I am going to ask you to trust that my leadership team will be the most committed, well purposed, knowledgeable on rugby at ALL levels (both sexes) and create access to all the financial resources we will need – but with a plan to tell and rally our country’s rugby following.  There’s that word ‘culture’.  That’s the first thing my leadership team will address.
That's me facing the camera, between 12 and 5. I have been 'in the arena'. I know what this will take.

That’s me facing the camera, between 12 and 5. I have been ‘in the arena’. I know what this will take.

I would like your support and trust that I have put together a group of people that will make this game great  in our country and give you something to rally around.  I am not going to provide too many details of our plans, we need to go about it the proper way – and get in position to make a difference.  I am personally prepared and committed to do what it takes to make a difference.

If you trust my group, our intentions, our purpose and our mandate – then please speak to your USA Rugby Congress person and/or USA Rugby Board contacts  and ask them to listen to what I have to say, and support that.
Here’s a statistic.  Of all the well over 1,000 people that have messaged me 100% (not 99%) of American rugby people agree.
 If you want to learn a little more about me, fire away on PM.
That's me middle row far left. Just sayin'... I know a little about youth rugby too.

That’s me middle row far left. Just sayin’… I know a little about youth rugby too.

 I am committed to creating alignment in rugby at all levels inside the USA and accountability for excellent outcomes at all levels.
Here’s a letter I wrote to an Australian rugby paraphernalia person who wants to get involved in some way.   Here’s what I said…

Thank-you so much for this kind email.  I hope you do not think I am a total jerk for not replying sooner.  I am sure you can imagine I have quite a time getting to all email/messaging, etc…
I really appreciate this message and you reaching out.  This is the connecting my group can bring to the table.  I love your ideas, but here is my issue.  I am not going to turn over great ideas to an institution that is incapable of turning those ideas into action and executing on them.  As a rugby person, you would be appalled at the lack of standards being applied at all levels in our Union. This is not an indictment of all the incredibly passionate, rugby loving people putting it in week in and week out. This is an indictment on the leadership of not bringing it all together. 
So, you – as many others will hear from me in the near future.  My job right now, is to get in such a position where I can make a difference (in a titanic way, myself or one of several people I am working with in various positions ) in order to implement ideas like this.  Give me a few weeks.  My friend, my own personal collection would solve all your rugby memorabilia issues below 😊.
Thanks again, and please understand this is an enormous ‘time management’ issue for me.  I am glad I am able to personally respond.  If you want to help the cause, can you let me know what type of audience you attract?  We have huge endorsements not only within the USA, but worldwide.  We are seeking overpowering support for change for rugby in America.  To create standards of excellence, and hold ourselves to account. We are not looking for money, just endorsements supporting change at the top of USAR.  The relationship between USAR and the agencies you list below are all very soured. Those fences will be mended. As I know is the case in Aussie – so many talented people that want to make a difference.  I can bring that together.
Hey, I played in RWC1987 vs. Wallabies…I have David Codey’s jersey.  He was Captain on the day.  Is that a good one for you?  I could certainly take it off the wall of fame.
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