Massive Financial Implications for the Eagles win streak. USA Rugby Must Do Whatever it Takes to gain Inclusion in Top Tier of World Rugby’s “League of Nations” Reply

In light of this week’s World Rugby meetings in Los Angeles (Primary topic: Global Calendar), here are my previously published thoughts on this vital matter for the growth and sustainability of the rugby in the United States. The difference between being top tier and not, in the new League of Nations is as important a decision that will ever have been made in the 43 years of the USAR’s history. USA must be included in this top tier. We have Bob Latham and Gus Pichot representing us at World Rugby. Let’s support them, and hope they are as passionate about this as we all must be.

Tony Ridnell

Congratulations to the USA Eagles. Not just for the 9th Test win in a row (31-5 vs. Romania in difficult Bucharest), but most importantly rocketing The Eagles to their highest World Rugby ranking ever.

As of Monday, the Eagles will be ranked 13th in the World.

For decades, rugby people have talked about Tier 1, intended to represent The Top 8 traditional rugby playing nations (aka “The IRB Countries”).  The teams that occupy Tier 1 have not changed much over the years; only the order with which they are ranked.    Much has been written on the reasons for this lack of mobility.  It is true, ‘Tier 2’ nations are largely cut off financially from the spoils of the top level global game.

For example, today’s thriller between Japan and England at Twickenham yields exactly $0.00 for the Japanese Union.  Apparently, some of the Brave Blossoms are on $20/day. …

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