The Virtuous Cycle of Rugby 5

To have the opportunity to serve as a director of the USA Rugby board would be a perfect storm in my life as a professional. The opportunity to work in a position that is served by both heart and mind is rare. It would never be taken for granted.
I was able to “take” a lot from the game when I played, a life that defined me. I would appreciate the opportunity to give back in the same capacity. This is the ultimate “virtuous cycle of rugby”.

Analysis: Dan Payne @USARugby CEO Q&A. $1MM Revenue Shortfall?? 10

Payne discussed a $1MM revenue shortfall we will see in 2017 vs 2016 due to Brexit;  I assume it’s the cratering of the Pound Sterling vs. the US Dollar (i.e. from $1.50 t0 approx. $1.228 where it sits today), as well as a loss of a grant from World Rugby.
My comment to this is, “It’s business, and we better figure out a way to find that $1MM and more if we want to grow this game”.  What I heard is we have a budgetary shortfall from 2016 to 2017 of over $1MM and it will not be replaced. More…