Video (7.7.17): Tony Ridnell on Integrity, USA Rugby Board, CEO Neutering, & Congress making a Bold Move! 9

This is not a coup, nor a revolution.  This is an opportunity for USA Rugby to ‘put the right players on the field’, this time in the Boardroom.  I will work with Will Chang, Chad Keck, RIM, etc..  and provide the necessary leadership, culture, and accountability to ensure financial success and on field success.

This is not a question of “If we should make a change”, or “When we should make a change”. That time is now. We have no more time to lose.  The lack of transparency, and cloak and dagger behavior will cease.

I will work tirelessly to drive sustainable fundraising (not with last minute efforts forcing our CEO to make a video with his hands out begging), sustainable sponsorship, and ensure that each and every member of USA Rugby and the American Rugby Community is getting the biggest ‘bang for the buck’ regardless of the level of revenue that is generated.

When RIM was formed, “Who was sitting on the side of the table exclusively representing USA Rugby’s best interests?”   Answer:  No One. 

The ‘deal’ that USAR made with RIM regarding the ‘license’ fee were made by the same individuals all sitting in the same room (i.e. Melville, Chang, Keck, Latham) or a similar analogy and constructing the ‘deal’.  I ask you, “Who was sitting on the side of the table representing USA Rugby’s best interests?”.  This a question,  it is not divisive.

Contact a USAR Congress member. Please copy me, and I am sure Dan Payne (
would welcome your thoughts, although he has no formal say in this matter.  This is a Congress issue.  Let’s do this, together.  Be bold. Make it happen.

Congress, especially Jeremiah – you have the power to make this happen.  It is the right thing to do.  Will you make a difference?

TR   168

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  1. Hi Tony,

    Jerry Ahlin here, We met out front of the stadium in Las Vegas last year, when I was selling some unused tickets.

    In following your video’s and emails, I think it would be helpful if you provided the emails of the board members, so it is easy for rugby supporters to contact them and voice their opinions.

    You may also provide a suggestion or two of what could be said, other than I support Tony Ridnell’s becoming the Chairman of the USA rugby board.

    I get articles all the time from taxpayers associations that are fighting new taxes in Calif. Believe me, our politicians know how to pass new tax laws that have no transparency.

    So the Assn provides the names and contact information for the senators and representatives, which makes it easy to call or email them with a voters concerns.

    It makes it easy for busy people to respond now instead of later which many times never happens.

    Just some thoughts that I hope are helpful.

    Our foundation has a 90 year lease with the county of Sacramento for 90 acres at Mather Regional Park in Rancho Cordova,Calif. We just received our EIS and EIR reports(Environmental impact studies and report) and now are awaiting the core of Engineers final report. When we receive the CORE report, we can break ground on 8-12 rugby/soccer fields,club facilities and training facilities. Our lease was signed 5 years ago and finally we are seeing daylight to building it out.

    We understand the battle that all ruggers are enduring with those, who don’t understand the merits of the sport we love.

    Keep up the crusade.

    Cheers, Jerry

    Creative Arts Marketing Imprint. 2311 W. La Loma Dr. Rancho Cordova,Cal 95670 916-905-6688

    cell 916-804-4332

    ASI 170251

    President Sacramento Valley Rugby Foundation http://WWW.SVRF.Org


  2. Tony: How do I send you a private e-mail? My private e-mail address is . . . please send me a private e-mail to discuss some of the things you’re doing, which I love, and hope you get your entire agenda accomplished! Hey, you can also call me at 618-829-3806!

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  4. 100% back TR. The current Administration has made USA Rugby a laughing stock. I am willing to help out in anyway that I can to right the ship. Thank you TR for your leadership. Let me know how I can best help.

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