Video: Tony Ridnell on USA Rugby Chairman job, & an Education on RIM 3

This video is a follow up to my presentation on July 4, where “I put my hand up” to be considered for the Chairman position at USA Rugby. Today, I clarify that I am actively seeking this position, and it is time for an immediate transformation in the performance of American Rugby, culturally, financially, and athletically.

Many people have asked, “How can I help?”   If you are senior rugby executive globally or within the confines of the USA, drop me a note – there is no central figure at USAR Congress, and I am delighted to converse and discuss how the United States can leverage it’s sheer mass and power financially to benefit our sport both domestically and overseas.  Contact a USAR Congress member. Please copy me, and I am sure Dan Payne
(USAR CEO) would welcome your thoughts, although he has no formal say in this matter.  This is a Congress issue.  Let’s do this, together.  Be bold. Make it happen.
Other articles I have written on this subject:



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