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There seems to be a lot of content today. I just had the opportunity to listen to this week’s in-studio broadcast of Rugby Wrap Up, featuring Bruce McLane, James Kennedy, and USA Rugby Congress member, Steve Lewis.

June 24 Rugby Wrap Up in studio show w/ Bruce McLane, host Matt McCarthy, USAR Congress member Steve Lewis, and Pro 12 advocate James Kennedy.

Board Members should NOT have to contribute funds

While I agree with Bruce McLane about the absolute requirement for this Congress to call this ineffective Board to account, I do not agree that any part of the solution has anything to do with Board members contributing funds.  That idea has been brought up in several different, and well-connected circles within American Rugby circles, and I just don’t agree with it. First, it eliminates 98% of more than qualified candidates who could do a significantly more effective job providing vision and leadership and execution than someone who just can write a check. I am not saying those that can write substantial checks would not make great Board members, just we would be eliminating a lot of talent and sweat equity by mandating a $500,000 donation. There can be nothing but a sense of urgency with any Board participation at this nadir of our Union’s existence.  Chang said in our first formal meeting, “Remember, I have a day job”.  We cannot have a ‘I wrote a check, so now I am done’ mentality.

Steve Lewis – USA Rugby Congress member. Calling it like it is

What I do agree with 100% is USA Rugby Congress member Steve Lewis’ comments starting at about the 19:30 mark of the video clip above.  Please listen and come up with your own assessment.  Share this video clip with anyone involved with or who truly cares about USA Rugby.  Share it with USA Rugby Congress members who need to hear this, as they are the only vehicle currently available to effect change.

It is my assessment that all the great work of the individuals of the American Rugby Community is marginalized by the ineffectiveness at our Board level.

Without a visionary Strategic Plan, created based on independent audits in various silo’s, (particularly high performance) with strict measurable performance metrics and action cycles for execution, supported by a sound financial plan – there will be ABSOLUTELY NO PROGRESS.  And the cycle will continue.

RIM is USA Rugby’s ‘financial plan’. The USA Rugby CEO has no authority/accountability for the performance of this organization, yet he is 100% responsible.

Thank-you Mr. Lewis for being the first to speak up on what is clearly an untenable situation with the leadership at USA Rugby.

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