In Chicago for The Rugby Weekend?? Come to The Rugby Party – Friday, Nov 2 hosted by The Eagles XVs Club Reply


Friday, Nov 2 should be a social rugby day like no other. The Lost Luncheon kicks off (tickets still available) from 11- mid/late afternoon. Closing the day out is the Eagles XVs Club party at The Scout starting at 8:30.

Rugby fans always look for ‘The Party’. This is it.

Get your tickets ahead of time (recommended tax-deductible donation $100), noone turned away for not contributing.  Everyone knows someone we can bring into the mix. Bring them.  If you can contribute more without too much pain, we greatly and sincerely appreciate it. Two hours drinks/food included and entertaining appearances from Alex Corbisiero, our host w/ guests Phaidra Knight and Todd Clever, and more. Picture booth, American rugby media present, let’s make this a great event. Appearances by some national team coaches and non-dressing players also. There will be auction items (coming online soon), raffle, etc… w/ unique rugby experiences on offer.

Register for Eagles XVs Club Party Friday, November 2.

What is The Eagles XVs Club (EFC)?  An inclusive group of donors (at all giving levels), creating global connectivity at all social levels in the unique rugby way. We believe we can assist to grow the game in the USA with significantly increasing the awareness of the sport to influential people who can help make a positive difference. Fun, positive experiences for all is the goal.

We need our national teams to be successful. A significant portion of the USA Rugby budget (that serves the membership w/ programs, etc…) is based on the success of our teams. World Rugby grants go to those who succeed on the field. Our teams deserve the opportunity to compete at the highest levels, with proper resources. The men’s Rugby World Cup, the third largest sporting event in the world is less than a year away. Our team needs our support. Gary Gold is the real deal – let’s support his vision. With the Olympic movement for 2020 picking up, it is ever more important for 7s success. At the same time, XVs success is vital to the aforementioned World Rugby grants.

The event on Friday night, Nov 2 will be special. The EFC will be replicating such events all over the world where our Eagles compete, including in Dublin Ireland Nov 23, 24 for the USA v IRE match.  There are special opportunities for major donors, in our short span, 6 members have made a $10,000-year commitment for our Rugby World Cup cycles (four years). Please contact me w/ any interest.

Become an EFC member at any philanthropic level.

See you in Chicago! Tony Ridnell (Eagle 168 and EFC Member)

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