Rugby Int’l Marketing (RIM): “$20MM+ Valuation” to “Imminent Financial Catastrophe” in 9 weeks 1

Given recent findings regarding the financial state of Rugby International Marketing, LLC (RIM) and subsequent resignations of both CEO David Sternberg, and RIM Board Chair Chad Keck, further consideration should be given to the other USA Rugby governor’s involved.

Jan 13, 2018: Chang: “Our Net Worth is Between $20MM-$30MM”

As recently as January 13, 2018 USA Rugby Chairman and founder of RIM, Will Chang stated on his Rugby Wrap Up Interviews re: RIM, “our net worth is somewhere between $20 Million and $30 Million” (at 8:55)

Mar 22, 2018: Lewis: “RIM is facing Imminent Financial Catastrophe”

Today, on the same Rugby Wrap Up show, USA Rugby Congress Member Stephen Lewis states “RIM is facing imminent financial catastrophe” (at 1:50).

Over a nine week period, RIM has gone from a valuation of over $20 Million according to Chang, to now “imminent financial catastrophe” according to Lewis.  

Further immediate consideration should be given to the status of both USA Rugby Chairman Chang and still USA Rugby Board member Keck for allowing RIM to achieve this state of financial mismanagement.

These men have given their best to the organization.  It is time to move on. Committed, caring, competent governance must be immediately injected into the USA Rugby Organization.

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