USA Rugby/Tony Ridnell Social Media Highlights 1.22.17 2

A slightly different format today.  Wanted to share some social media correspondence on the blog. Some good ‘content’ gets lost down Facebook rabbit holes.

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USAR Board Minutes Melville/Latham era



A sad commentary outlining the original history of our current mess.




USAR Congress must act ASAP





Never have truer words been spoken




There is only one place to look for this financial mess.








A sad commentary on structure and salesmanship

Here are other articles I have written on these issues:

  1. My USA Rugby NDS Experience. The good, bad, & ugly.
  2. RWU Webcast: Tony Ridnell on USA Rugby, RIM, PRO Rugby, Accountability
  3. Analysis: Dan Payne @USARugby CEO Q&A. $1MM Revenue Shortfall??



  1. Tony, I played for Duck Bros 7s and managed NOVA 7s against the Beach National Championship sides in the late 80s, early 90s. I co-host a rugby radio/podcast show (Cox Cable) on Monday evenings and was wondering if you could appear on our show next Monday ( 30 JAN) at 8 PM Eastern time by telephone. I would expect 30-45 min. Let me know about your availability , Best regards , Bill Gardner Sent from my iPhone


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