RWU Webcast: Tony Ridnell on USA Rugby, RIM, PRO Rugby, Accountability 5

Matt McCarthy and I having a conversation about USA Rugby, Best Practices, and Winning.

Full coverage can be found on Rugby Wrap Up’s website. I’d like to thank Matt for creating the opening for an honest dialogue.

Other Articles I’ve written discussing these issues:

  1. Analysis: Dan Payne @USARugby CEO Q&A. $1MM Revenue Shortfall??
  2. USAR Board of Directors: No Plan for 10 years, No Accountability.  Time to go! 
  3. PRO Rugby and the Melville/Latham Legacy. It’s not good. USAR Board of Directors needs the Swamp drained.


  1. Keep on keeping on Tony,
    Nonetheless, you’d better start selecting your team for that TEST MATCH, build your people up with you leading. Yet, alone? No good company. Together you’ll go further!

  2. Brilliant. We’ve needed people who will bring passion and a ‘kick ass’ attitude for too long. We let Melville get away with mediocrity with little oversight or challenge. How can I get you on a radio show for 10 minute segment?

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