Blogging the Chemical Industry! 16

I am going to bring something new to the Chemical Industry. I seek to share wisdom with other executives, leaders, managers, buyers, sellers, traders…

Why?  Because I believe we are on the verge of major changes in the industry itself, the markets for products in the industry, and that the next five years promise to see more change than the last 25. My promise is that I will be open and honest, and hope to share information with those of you who are open to learning and sharing and seek new ways to work through the chaos lies ahead.

I believe that those who are wedded to old school thinking and ways of doing business will literally get left behind.
I will be blogging my thoughts and ideas, and soliciting feedback and interaction to these ideas. I’ll be putting together audio/video responses to many of the best thoughts and post on my YouTube Channel. I will also podcast interviews with industry leaders on relevant topics pertaining to our industry. These podcasts will be posted on this site.

I will speak and ask questions for all of us as I talk to these leaders, buyers, suppliers, shippers, federal regulators, insurance people, etc…on issues that are vital to us all. I look forward to developing what I hope to be an innovative, educational, and fun site for dedicated professionals in the chemical industry.

And if we can do business together as a result of this introduction, how great is that!

Please follow my blog, and feel free to share posts.


    • Dear TR, i am not really convinced that old school (read : values) will be left behind – on the contrary – i believe the old network will become more and more important where others will get lost in the forest of facebook and other anonymous chitchat. being active in the chemicals business myself for almost 25 years, i still find it usefull to grab to old contacts that have a lot of experience to share. i keep on updating and adding to my network and try to keep this alive in the old-fashioned way by meeting and talking to friends and contacts…

      • Old network is far more better and effective than the new generation network because the former is rooted in integrity, character, patience, perseverance coupled the core value of giving (sharing). I worked for twenty years (1975 to 1995) with BAYER NIGERIA LIMITED (now Unichem Nigeria Ltd) and till now, 90% of my income as a consultant comes from the “Old Network”. This is a true story!

  1. Congrats, TR, for entering the world of blogging. Having maintained my own blog since 2008, my readers and subscribers find it as useful resource for information in the sector(s) I am working in, events I am attending, or understanding future trends in the business as I see them (accurately or inaccurately is a separate issue). Your blog should serve as an important piece to your personal and company’s social media ecosystem (including digital media such as videos and podcasts) by providing you with a platform to share your knowledge from the prespective of an industry leader. Furthermore, your blog will serve as a vehicle for your customers to establish a relationship with you. Knowledge is an essential tool in business and a blog will allow you and your readers the opportunity to exchange ideas and information in a quickly changing business world.

  2. first of all, Congratulations to you. We really appreciate your efforts. We believe that the only way to succeed is to help others in their efforts. The only way to gain more knowledge is to share our knowledge.

  3. Dear Anthony, I think it is an excellent Idea. It will also promote some amount of professionalism, that is need in the trading Industry , especially in SE Asia. Have always believed in sharing knowledge, as have seen it grows with sharing. Look forward to your blogs.

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