Video: Tony Ridnell Comments at WWU Rugby Banquet 2.25.17 1

I had the opportunity to speak at Western Washington University’s Rugby Alumni Banquet & Auction on Saturday night. I was keen to see what USRF Hall of Famer, Jeff Lombard and Canada Rugby Hall of Famer, Paul Horne had put together over the past 4-5 years since making their commitment to develop this program. Paul told me they are now getting people to attend WWU with the specific purpose of playing rugby, and one of their problems last year was losing 4 quality rugby players to CWU due to admission standards.

A personal record was set for me on the day, I had never attended a match ending in a 159-0 result, so I was glad that at least WWU were on the winning end.  200 people attended the event, and I imagine the take was in the $30,000 range.

Paul and Jeff are assisted by Adam Roberts, and Allan Law and this program is moving rapidly in the right direction. Congratulations all at WWU Rugby

Closing Comments:  Some thoughts on USA Rugby, addressing our reputation, the need for honest assessment, and hosting RWC 2027!!  “Take care of our growth, Rebuild the Club structure, and host the 2027 Rugby World Cup”

Introduction by Paul Horne and my Opening Comments.  Army West Point Rugby, Harrison Ridnell, Building Community, Aspirations, and the self assessment required after a 159 point loss.

Great Crowd at the WWU Rugby Alumni Banquet & Auction, 2/25/17

Next up on the Rugby Calendar; Las Vegas 7’s this week!   See you there!

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  1. TR – know you are on a USA Rugby mission now and I thoroughly applaud your efforts. I now believe we made some mistakes when we restructured things. I don’t think I have any pull any more but if I can be of any help don’t hesitate to let me know!!!!

    — Chuck

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