USAR Board of Directors: No Plan for 10 years, No Accountability.  Time to go!  1

I wrote this piece about the USAR Board of Directors in October, 2016.

Today, coincidentally, there is a timely and well written piece from Rugby Wrap Up concerning the negligence, and lack of ‘duty of care’ of the USA Board of Directors regarding the PRO Sanctioning agreement.

It supports what many of us have known for a long time. It is an American Rugby tragedy, and it must be rectified.
Jeremiah Johnson (The USAR Congress rep to the Board of Directors) is caught in the proverbial ‘rock and a hard place’. He must support the organization, yet must see the egregious negligence that is present.
For simplicity sake, here is the request of the American Rugby community.
Ask each Board member, “Did you read this agreement”. If the answer is no, your congress should demand their immediate resignation. If the answer is yes, and the Board member approved/signed off on this agreement, you should demand their immediate resignation.
Are there any questions?

Tony Ridnell

This article will address perhaps the most boring rugby topic imaginable, that of the Board of Directors of USA Rugby, and the responsibility of the USAR Congress to hold this Board to account.  It’s boring, but it’s important, and it affects the game in our country immeasurably.  For example, if you are reading this as the parent of a prospective ‘premiership’ level rugby player, the issues I discuss will be the legacy as we look forward 10 years and greatly affect your child’s future in the sport and/or his/her career.

Author’s Note: This article contains my opinion about the USA Rugby Board of Directors performance as it relates to our successes/failures as a Union both on and off the field.  I was nominated for a Board Seat during the last cycle and was not selected.  A few (and I limit it to only a few) people have mentioned on social…

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