Tony Ridnell: Ruggamatrix Interview re: USA Rugby Reply

I hope any interested people will listen to the interview I was able to do with Alex Goff.
Ruggamatric Interview with Tony Ridnell

Support titanic change at USA Rugby.  As a  rugby nation we should be able to have expectations, but we must earn it.  The first place to start is accurate self assessment at all levels.  Install leaders that provide vision, strategic objections, create standards that are measurable and create/enforce action items that are executable, all in support of the strategic plan. This is as much a business matter as it is a rugby matter

It is now time to shift from a vocal and highly supported call for change to a unity position.   Time for discussion and alignment to bring about change and the specific strategies & timelines we should follow.  My coming blogs will be about the how and when. We are looking forward to communicating with the rugby community and laying out our direction.

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