USA Rugby: “Improving”, “In the right direction”? Rest of World Does Not Agree Reply

You’ve read my previous posts and my thoughts on accountability by USA Rugby RWC2015 Team Management and our USAR Board.

My position on the requirement we have leadership at the top levels of American Rugby, and the lack of accountability and honest at the top level is becoming well known.

Yet, some people in the USA still hang to the notion we are improving.  Well, the rest of the world doesn’t seem to think so.

This article published today in the Daily Telegraph rates the RWC2015 Teams.  One guess, where do you think USA Rugby ranked.

#20/20!!!!   Is this acceptable to us?  At any level? Shall we continue to say ‘we are improving’ in this country when in reality we are mediocre.  I said it, mediocre. Our club rugby is mediocre, our coaching is mediocre (with VERY minor exception), our refereeing is mediocre, and our administration is, well… I have promised my wife I would keep this G-rated.  The more I study, talk to people in the know, research, get player feedback (wait for that post people!!), I am appalled.

This is not any one person’s fault. It is systemic.

I have still yet to hear one grounded assessment/metric from anyone at any level (friend or foe) that could possibly indicated we are improving and going in the right direction (Yet our leadership is still drinking the KoolAid).

There is an announcement coming by the end of RWC2015 about a Pro League in the USA.  Please do not blindly accept this as the solution.  Decisions about this have been made by a group of leadership at the highest levels of USAR that lend no confidence to me (nor hundreds of others expressing support for accountability)

I am not nay-saying.  I just want a process in which our future is vetted by people without financial interests in this announcement. We cannot fail with this step.  I am on board if other people in the know create a confidence that it will work and it is not being pushed through by people with personal interest at hand.

n.b., Once again… this post is not an indictment on the players that participated in RWC2015.  They are hard working lambs that we have allowed once again to be thrown to the slaughter.

Welcome any/all comments and if you have passion and agree, please as a minimum feel free to post/share, etc…

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